How to Negotiate Debts

How to Negotiate Debts

Negotiating your debt is a very important part of the whole process of getting out of the red. Because without an organization, your financial situation can be hit by a snowball and it will only become more and more difficult to be able to honor your commitments. The first step is always the most painful, but you can do it! It is necessary to face reality as it is.

Understand how to organize and how to get the best discounts

Understand how to organize and how to get the best discounts

Your debt is already there, it has already brought you some headaches, now it’s time to roll up your sleeves.  What is the real situation of your debt? It is important to know exactly how many there are. Remember an important organizational tip:

put everything on paper, just so you can have a clearer idea about which debts need to be paid off first (in case you have more than one waiting for negotiation).

Let’s understand a little how debt contraction works and its consequences

According to Procon, the store or company may request the inclusion of the debtor’s name in the register of credit protection entities on the day after the debt is due.  If there is no payment, the name remains on the list of defaulters for five years, after which it must be removed. Does this mean that you no longer need to pay what you owe? No, your debt does not cease to exist, but for having “expired”, it means that you will no longer be able to be sued for this payment.

That changes, however, if the institution that lent you credit has already initiated a collection in court within those five years. Hence, the time for the debt to expire is interrupted while the action takes place.  To avoid answering debts in court, an additional headache that can result in freezing accounts and other measures, put into practice what we talked about financial planning before and check their date.

They need to be paid soon

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On this journey to achieve your financial health, let’s say that your debts are organized. You already know everything about them. Now it’s time to find out about the other side: your family income. How much money comes into your account each month? Don’t forget to discount taxes and benefits, and also subtract the essential expenses you have.

Now, you already have a specific value. For example, you earn $ 3,000 net per month, but removing your essential expenses (rent, health insurance, leisure, etc.) left over $ 500. You can’t spend all of your salary on payments, you need to leave a little bit of cash every month.  What to do, then? It’s time to cut expenses that you may not need that much A cable TV subscription, leisure outings, reduce what you can until you have a considerable amount to pay your debts and still have some extra money for emergencies.

And now, how to renegotiate?

How you renegotiate your debt will depend a lot on its type. You can owe the bank, your college tuition, active debts (IPTU, IPVA, traffic ticket …) and much more. To negotiate them and find the best form of payment you must contact the institution you owe money to.  In a conversation, you can propose the value of this agreement based on the accounts you have already made of how much you can pay, and also evaluate the total value of this charge.

Can you get discounts on a debt relief?

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As we said before, it is a renegotiation. The institution or company is also interested in receiving at least some part of the debt, which means that it may be open to write off some of the interest applied on its debt.  You can propose a payment in cash, in installments, all of this will depend on your financial conditions and how much the other party is interested in resolving the situation.

Personal loan

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In the case of an efficient cash offer in which you do not have the full amount, also consider purchasing a personal loan made in a way that adds to your situation. What does that mean? Offers with installments that fit in your pocket.  Right here at Lend Credit Capital you can find on one platform the help that can make a big difference in this financial planning process. You can choose from more than 30 recognized partners in the market the best installment option for you.

This type of online loan is safe and reliable

In addition to the website certificates (that padlock that appears next to the page address) that already show that the company cares about the user, the partners also consolidate this reputation. Another point to evaluate in these aspects is that more than 6 million people have already requested money in Lend Credit Capital to solve financial problems. So, you are not alone in this, it is time to think that the sooner you resolve and pay this debt – which is counting interest – the better.

Speaking of interest

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You may not know it, but the Consumer Protection Code and the Constitution have certain determined rights to those who are debtors in a negotiation.

Therefore, if you notice that the interest applied to your debt is abusive and you can prove it, it is your right to have the proportional discount and the currency correction in relation to inflation in the period in which the interest was paid. This is still valid even if you only notice the interest abuse after you have already closed the deal.


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